Can delivery drivers choose which orders to accept or decline?

Absolutely YES! These are independent contractors. A driver has the ability to preview the fare+tip before accepting / declining an order. This is something we have no control over, but you do. We do not receive anything other than our sales minus the platform's fees. We encourage you to consider the time, expense, & difficulty, a driver bares to safely bring food to you.



Where are you guys from?

We consist of three partners French Laotion,

Thai American, & Native Thai.



What is a Virtual or Ghost Kitchen?

Virtual, Ghost, or Cloud kitchens have started to become a trend over the last few years.

Basically, these kitchens have no storefronts and 99% of orders come through online channels.



What type of cuisine do you serve?

We are not one type of cuisine. We serve a variety of popular Asian dishes from different countries.



How are your spice levels different?

Our spice levels 1 - 4 are similar to most Thai restaurants. Spice levels 5 - 10 are extra levels we offer if a patron would like more. Depending on the dish, we use two types of chili. Higher levels just means more chili.



Do you offer Vegetarian and Gluten Free options?

Yes we do. These options are dependent on the dish and are available when ordering online.

508 W.McDermott Dr., #110

Allen, TX 75013

(972) 747-0227